Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bankers are pissed- Someting in going right!

The predators who created all this suffering are pissed, and they're fighting back. Unable to make any money selling mortgages they know will fail, having squeezed all the jobs they could from payrolls in order to raise the stock price, and facing the loss of tons of outsourcing pork from the military budget, now they are going to have to pay taxes, too (maybe). Poor bastards.

So far they are on the ropes, but they must be finished off. The banks have to be taken over and the boards and officers fired. We're gonna pay for this mess no matter what. It's going to brutal no matter how we do it. If we don't kick the perps out and pass consumer protection legislation, they will slime themselves right back into the front office.

It's what they do. Don't believe it? You didn't get laid off in '73 when construction died, or in '81 when the shipyards and steel mills closed. Or in 1877 when the banks did the same thing, with the same result.

We are screwed and will pay for a long time to fix this mess, but it will be worth it if at the end we can stick a fork in these greedy bastards and the juice runs clear.

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